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Announcing-- 11th Annual WAGS Convention

The WAGS annual convention for 2013 will be held in Erie, PA on Thursday, October 10 through Sunday, October 13, 2013.

HOTEL: Hilton Garden Inn  
              2225 Downs Drive
             Erie, Pa. 16509

CONVENTION: Ambassador Center
                           7794 Peach Street
                           Erie, Pa. 16509

The convention center is connected to the hotel, even though it has a different address. See this link for a map of the layout of the hotel and convention center. This year's hospitality room will be located on the top floor Penthouse Boardroom!! Additional details about costs, dates, agenda, etc. are available to WAGS members on the WAGS Forum.

REMEMBER: You must be a member of WAGS in advance of the convention in order to come to the convention. This is a hard an fast rule, as we have to have head counts to the HOTEL in advance. So if you even think that you may want to attend, get your application into WAGS ASAP.

Best regards, The WAGS Convention Committee

Past Conventions

March 1, 2003 (Organizational meeting of WAGS Charter members in Syracuse, NY)
2003 in Sidney, Ohio
2004 in Erie, PA
2005 in Chatanooga, TN
2006 in Sturbridge, MA
2007 in York, PA
2008 in Des Moines, IA
2009 in Plano, TX
2010 in Carlisle, PA
2011 in Fife, WA
2012 in Canton, OH
2013 in Erie, PA



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