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Griswold, Wapak, Favorite Ware, Wagner Ware, Wapak are some of the more recognized foundries for cast iron and aluminum cookware. There are however, many, MANY others that made cast iron and aluminum products. If you have information, have differing view point or anything you'd like to contribute to this archive, just let me know. You can email me the Webmaster. Thanks for your support.

Selection of cast iron cookware is apparently large and from catalogues we are aware of the following items: duo-display stand, skillet rack, sugar kettle, English pot, Dutch over with lid cover, regular skillet, combination Dutch oven double boiler, flat bottom stove kettle, deep skillet, high and low type covers, stew pan, sauce pan, bailed griddle, handle griddle, long flat bottom griddle, southern buldged stove pot, straight pot, common flat bottom stove pot, gem muffin pan, cast tea kettle, bead stick pan, corn cob pan, stove spider, stove griddle, waffle iron, etc.