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June 22-23, 2007

Ray Co. Veterans Blg. * 312 Clark St .

Richmond , MO

Preview: June 21 Auctions start at 9 AM each day


  You asked for it. You got it!! We are excited to announce a great summer auction that looks to be one of the finest yet … it is loaded with great pcs. . We’ve never had an iron auction w/this many unusual pieces, w/ this variety of styles, etc. as this one.   We are selling the collections of LaVon Deatsman, Dennis Hart & Don Mitchell.  This only a very PARTIAL list ,w/ just some of the more notable pcs., since many boxes are still unopened. We’re just beginning to work it up. Watch our website: www.simmonsauction.com  for complete listing w/ every item pictured.  There are some absolutely FAB pieces. This will be both a collectors and a dealers bonanza. There are some really high end pcs., muffin pans, skillets, etc. Our itemized catalog will show variations, etc.. Well over 200+ Muffin Pans; Griswold, Wagner, Filley (full set + extras )and others,  all 3 Davis pans, 2 Reid pans. 3 Rabbits, 3 Santas & 3 Lamb Cake Molds; There will be approx. 1000 lots. Kettles, Skillets, Waffle Irons, Utensils, Dutch Ovens , Griddles, Teakettles, Doorstops and much, much more.

Griswold Black Iron: # 26 Bread Pan, var. 2 (very rare) LE Blk Logo, Skillets, s/r. (0,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,20);+ #20 Skillet: 2-#14 Bailed Skillets; 2-#14 Skillets; 2 #14 Skillet Covers (raised letters) #13 Milled Bottom Skillet; Victor Skillets s/r: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; Cliff Cornell # 3 & Breakfast Skillets; Heat Regulators (both styles); 2-# 15 Oval Skillets, “Erie” outside s/r, 6,7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12; 2-# 3, 5 Oval Roasters w/ lids, trivets;#9 fully marked Oval Roaster Lid;  #11 Skillet Cover, # 4 Skillet LE Blk. s/r; #6 DO, raised letter w/ trivet; #8 Deep Chicken Pan & Cover; Slant Smooth.Bottom Skillets: # 5, #8, #9;  #13 TiteTop Trivet; #2609 Dbl. Hotel Waffle Iron; #6 Skillet Cover-low dome raised letter; #7 LE Slant, raised letter Tite Top DO; “O” Toys: Waffle Iron, fully marked, Skillet, s/r; Colonial Design Teakettle; Tite Top DO w/ raised letter lid & trivet + extra O DO Trivet; #3 Wood handle, Cast Iron Chrome Skillet, LE Blk logo; Gas Griddle, Erie; Revolving Broiler, complete, Erie; Wafer Iron, pat 1880;  #10, 9, 8, 7 Shallow Skillets, 3 hole hndl; 2 Cookie Sheets, Mi Pet # 4 Oval Roaster, #8 Chicken Pan s/r; # 3 Skillet s/r; #8 D.O s/r; Ice Shaves #2, #255; Mortars: 1 Pt & 2 Qt ; Muffin Pans: incl.-#1, #2, #3; #5 (943) fully marked ,#6, #7(945),#8 (946 var.5);  #9, #12 (951), #13 Turks, #14, 14-Turks head 641, #15,#16 #17, #19 (966), #20 (953), #21, #27, #2700, #28, #2800, #140,  #240 Turks Head; #50 & #100 Hearts & Star; 3 hole Shallow skillets (10, 9, 8, 7);  p/n 953 Muffin, 957 Bread Pan, #24 Bread Stick Pan, var. 2; p/n 959; 5-in-1 Breakfast Skillet, #6 Erie Skillet,  Skillet Grille, Sad Iron Heater, Double Broiler, # 6 D.O. raised w/ trivet, all the lg & sm.Trivets, Old  Lace; Dbl. logo Adv. Ashtray;; Lap Coffee Grinder; Wall Coffee Grinder, Pup, Frank Hay Bundt Pan; Erie Fluter; Alum. Cuspidor (2 pc.); Pie Plate, A269.Lots of excellent Wagner Aluminum, incl: Prison Pan, Cuspidor (fully marked), Butter Slicer; Candy Trays; Citrus Squeezer; Casseoles; Smithsonian ABC  Plate; 1 Qt Funnel; Pie Pans;  Jello  & Ice Cream Molds;  Drinking Cup adv. Pan-Pacific Exhb; K 5 cup Turks Head, Wagner Iron: Toy Set w/ pattern #’s,  “No. 1” Lg. Skillet; Skillet Cover mrkd; Sm. Skillet; Hndl. Griddle;  Krusty Korn Sausage Pans 1426;  Rare Fondue Pot  p/n 3000P;  Nearly a full alphabet of Wagner Pans.incl.A, D,  G Pan, closed, 1329; F, I & H, L, K- 5 cup Turks Pan; rare N,  M, O, style T(open), U, Gem Pans; Little Slam Bridge Pans,  “Wagner Ware 6” Bread Pan, rare; Pie Logo Skillets (2 thru14); Bacon Press 1103, Bundt Pan-B, Wafer Iron #1450; Art Deco Statue w/ arms above head holding hands, 1926 Wagner/ Tiffany Arts; Griswold Red/Cream Porcelain Casserole Set & Rack, Red/Cream Oval Fish Baker w/ label. Mint. Step Stool; NIB 1 Burner Stove; Gris Letter Opener, Sidney O; 14 K Gold 20 Yr. Service Award; Toy Cookstoves: GFF: Child-sized, Charter Oak No. 103; 2 Charter Oak No. 503’s w/ water reservoirs; Little Eva; Others: “American Jewel”; Child Sized-Quick Meal Range 407-16; Sm. parlor types: Luminous No. 50, The Favorite Stove, gas, The Standard Lighting Co. Cleveland, Ohio; Full Sized: No. 1 GFF 1882, Invincible No. 5 GFF. w/ heat exchanger; Sonora, Bridge Beach & Co. St. Louis: Fuller Warren & Morris, Troy, NY, ornate 4 o’clock, dated 1857; 5 G.F.F. Toy Cast Iron Tea Kettles, 7 Ornate Toy Teakettles w/ pat. date, & lots of other toy cookware & adv. skillets ; 4 Enterprise Dbl. Wheel Coffee Grinders, Wapak # 1;2 Child’s The Pearl, Liberty Head Sad Irons; FPW:  #7 lid. #3 Muffin; 9 cup Popover, solid, Bak-n-Egg Breakfast Skillet; Ace Donut & Ace Waffle Maker (never had this one before); Very unusual Parisan Dbl. Waffle Cone Maker, crank style; Sweeney Waffle Iron (inside harp & ovals); Hi Base Cruso; Butcher Sign  You’ve got to see it to believe it.  We’ve just scratched the surface.

Simmons & Co. Auctioneers

40706 E. 144th St. *   Richmond, MO 64085  * 1-816-776-2936

There will be  free itemized catalog. Let us know if you want one.  The full listing w/ pictures of every item is on our website: CD with all the pictures in color & the itemized listing will also be available for $20.00 (& post auction price list). Make plans now to attend this great auction.  You’ll be glad you did.  Lodging: Super 8 in Richmond (816-776-8008) Higginsville:Super 8  (660-584-7781) & Best Western ( 660-584-3646). Liberty area: Red Roof Inn: 816-452-8585; Days Inn 816-781-8720 ;Holiday Inn 816-781-5555; Fairfield 816-792-4000; Hampton 816-415-9600:Comfort Inn 816-454-3500; Best Western 816-453-3355;  For RV’s & Campers there are full hook-up facilities at the Ray Co. Fairgrounds. $10 a night. Call Dean Richards 816-776-5353. 

Simmons & Company Auctioneers, Inc

40706 E. 144 th St . * Richmond , MO 64085



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